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Back of Grateful Dead shirt

Back of Grateful Dead shirt

All styles of shirts are made with Vapor Apparel.


100-percent spun polyester that deliver the look and feel of organic cotton with the wickability of advanced poly-performance fibers.  Two-needle double-stitch seams with four thread over-lock for extra strength in the hems.  For more information, you can go to their site at


These shirts are done with sublimation printing which means that the ink actually bonds with the fibers of the shirt rather than being set down on top of the shirt.  This results in an image that stands up incredibly well to repeated washings, including with bleach.  It also means that there is no "hand" to these shirts, in other words that the image is completely smooth and you can not feel it when you run your hand over it. 


It's really cool stuff!!! 

A flat $5 shipping and handling charge is added for all styles for all domestic U.S. shipping.  Additional charges will be applied to shipping outside of the U.S.


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