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AA/Alcoholics Anonymous/Recovery inspired Christmas Ornaments

All ornaments measure three inches in diameter and made of fiber reinforced plastic.  Images are printed on both sides of the ornament.

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Santa Bob and Santa Bill Christmas Ornament



Santa Bill and Santa Bob Christmas Ornament $8 (shipping and handling included)

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Custom Sobriety Date ornament!!!


Get a Christmas ornament with your sobriety date printed upon it.  The age of miracles is still with us.  Our own recovery proves that!!!  Just send an e-mail to with the date that you would like on the ornament when you order.

Sobriety Ornament:  $9 dollars, shipping and handling included.  Please remember to send an e-mail with the date you would like on it to when you order.  

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The Fourth Dimension Is Now!!! Christmas ornament


The Fourth Dimension Is NOW!!! Ornament.  $8, shipping and handling included.


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"Wooden" circle/triangle Christmas Ornament


"Wooden" circle/triangle Christmas ornament.  $8, shipping and handling included.


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The Fourth Dimension Is Now
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