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Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous, AA inspired shirts and gifts

The Fourth Dimension Is NOW!!!!
Recovery, sobriety, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
inspired shirts, clothes and gifts!


Looking for shirts that have more depth and weight and less frothy emotional appeal? 


Unique recovery/12 step/Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)/ sobriety inspired clothing either for yourself as a gift for that special sober person!


A couple things to appeal to that inner Dead Head and progressive as well perhaps...

While I imagine that it is clear to those who are familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous and recovery that much of the inspiration for some of these shirts comes from AA, I do want to make it clear that these shirts are not endorsed by Alcoholics Anonymous.  They are original designs that I have created drawing upon inspiration which reflect my feelings and thoughts about my sobriety only.

Click here for Alcoholics Anonymous themed shirts
Click here for Alcoholics Anonymous / recovery / AA inspired t-shirts and gifts

Click here for Grateful Dead inspired shirts
Click here for Grateful Dead inspired shirts and gifts

Click here for political inspired shirts
Click here for political inspired shirts

Click here for just for fun shirts and gifts
Click here for just for fun shirts and gifts

I have to admit that a big reason that I started this little venture was that I could no longer find Grateful Dead shirts that I enjoyed.  I am a Dead Head and that is something that sobriety and God has not changed!!!  So...I decided that I would try to make some Grateful Dead shirts that I enjoyed.


Shortly thereafter, it struck me to make clothes for something else that I have a passion for...recovery and Alcoholics Anonymous.  Sobriety has been a gift for me and quickly changed from something that I felt was a punishment to something that was meant to be celebrated.  When looking at most of the other Alcoholics Anonymous and recovery shirts out there, I found them to be not quite up my alley..not quite capturing my feelings about sobriety and what I have to do to maintain it.  I have taken to heart the notion from Doctor Silkworth that the message that can help alcoholics must have depth and weight and the AA idea that underneath the levity, there is a deadly earnestness.  


So, the FourthDimensionIsNow was born.


Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns at dzigad@gmail.com

Friday, October 30, 2009

In other news...

Someone very near and dear to me has passed onto to the big meeting in the sky.


Someone who I feel assured would be happy just to be remembered as a good man who enjoyed life and who would consider the greatest tribute that could be made to him to be passing on the wonderful gift that so many of us have been blessed to enjoy.


Get out there and spread some love around!!!


Craig M. Lamb passed away on Monday, Oct. 26, 2009, at his home in Madison. Craig Lamb was born in Chicago, Ill., on Nov. 7, 1948, the second son of Meyer "Mike" and Minnie (Smith) Lamb. Craig attended the Janesville Public Schools and graduated in 1967 from Janesville Senior High School (the last class of Fighting Bluebirds!). Craig worked in his father's store, Lamb's Clothing, in Janesville throughout his high school years before he attended the University of Wisconsin-Rock County and Butler University in Indianapolis from which he graduated in May 1971. In 1977 he married Judy (Gesteland) and they welcomed their son Aaron in 1978. "This is Craig. I'm about to beep!" This salutation to his voice mail summarized his character and his irreverent spirit. At every family and social event, Craig was Craig. He could recall, at a moment's notice, an historical event, a funny story, or the exact lyrics to any rock 'n' roll tune. Craig would find a way to link the lyrics of a favorite group - the Lovin' Spoonful, the Byrds, the Beatles - to the situation and bring in a light-hearted spirit. He reminded all of us to count our blessings and cherish those around us. In the past decade, Craig persevered through numerous physical challenges (some life-threatening) but they never broke his spirit. He dedicated his recent years to maintaining his independence and to helping others, particularly the people he met in AA. He was proud to complete 10 years in the program and often spoke of how AA enabled him to transform his life - first through helping him fight his own addiction and then through helping others do the same. Craig is survived by his wife, Judy of Madison; his son, Aaron (Margrethe) of Malden, Mass.; and his brother, Bruce of Janesville. Craig was preceded in death by his parents, Mike and Minnie. A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 1, 2009, at the CRESS FUNERAL HOME, 3610 Speedway Road, Madison, with a reception immediately following. Craig requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made in his name to the charity of the giver's choice. The body gave out on Oct. 26, but Craig's optimistic spirit survives in his family, extended family and many, many friends. "There are places I remember/ All my life, though some have changed/ Some forever not for better/ Some have gone and some remain . . . In my life I loved them all." - "In My Life," John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Rubber Soul, 1965 

6:31 pm est

Jumping in the water...

Here we go.  In the sort of situation where not quite sure if I'm prepared to just start going at it with this stuff, but here we go.  I know from experience that I can spend months perseverating on having things be perfect and ignore the fact that all that's really getting done is that huge holes are being made in the mud as I spin my tires.


The switch to sublimation printing has been made and I am very, very happy with it.  The images are crisper, color brighter and, in my opinion, the shirts that I am using are far more comfortable than the cotton t-shirts that I was using before.  A very pleasant surprise because I hear the words "polyester" clothes and I think of that old scratchy, non-breathable stuff but these shirts, made by vapor apparel, are wonderful.


In addition, the change in printing style is allowing me to start to make other styles of shirts that I was not able to before.  Long sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, hopefully jackets soon...then onto mugs and plates and license plate holders and all sorts of goodies that I will get to play around with.


So it is exciting right now!


Please be aware that I am still building up my stock of imprintable clothes so it is possible that it may take me a week or two to get something that is ordered out to you, but they will be done ASAP.


Thanks for checking this out!

6:27 pm est

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sorry if you are looking right now...

but things are temporarily on hold for me while I work on switching over to another printing process that should work better all the way around...a bit higher quality and easier to print.  As soon as possible is the best that I can come up with for a date for a return.


In the meantime, if you really want to get one of my shirts, please send me an e-mail at dzigad@gmail.com and something can be worked out through a third party printer.  The price will be a bit more than the $20 I have been charging, but the shirts can get done.


Thanks for your interest and support!

9:56 pm est

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Well...things continue on...

Haven't seen much activity on here as of yet...but navigating the world of cyber advertising is in the future.  We will see...


For anyone interested, I hope to make a big change in my printing process in the near future.  Switching from direct to garment printing to sublimation printing.  The positive?  Much more accurate printing results (much easier to get things exactly lined up), somewhat sharper images (at least it seems like that should be the result), improved washability (from what I gather, sublimation prints will not fade from washing), the ability to branch out into other products (mouse pads, puzzles, clocks, keychains, a whole wild and crazy range of things) and easier printing for me.  The negative?  Sublimation can only be printed onto man made materials...have to switch to polyester.


I am not much of a fashion interested guy and hearing polyester still makes me cringe and think of a horrible fabric, but apparently that's not the case anymore.  Great moisture wicking, surprisingly good feel...nice stuff.  Problem is it seems like it is quite a bit more expensive but we will see how it all works out.


Have been great responses to the shirts I have sold...it makes me very happy to know that people are enjoying my designs and not just having a shirt to wear but loving the shirts they have to wear.  Have to have gratitude for the opportunity to do that!!!


And I have met some cool people as a result...people who are on the same page as me.  In my experience, people who share a common solution have a much more powerful bond than people who just share a common problem.  Instant friends and fellowship with people who I immediately feel love for.  That is a great thing and, if I am thinking right, that plus the enjoyment I am bringing people makes this whole venture worthwhile.


Anyways, hope everyone out there remembers to insist upon enjoying life!!!



8:04 pm est

Sunday, May 3, 2009

It appears that I'm ready to go...

Sorry if this causes any inconvenience, but for now I am only selling through PAYPAL payments.  If you need to make other arrangements, please contact me at dzigad@gmail.com


Thanks for your interest!!!

10:44 pm est

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